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Sushi Airways, Baghdad Street



About 15minutes walk from Bugis MRT and located on the 2nd floor of a shop house, the entrance is inconspicuous for lack of a better word.  So be sure to open your eyes wide because I really don’t want you to miss out on this hidden gem!



Designed to give you the feeling of dining on an aeroplane, the interior is painted silver (like the metallic body of the aircraft) and even the windows are curved at the corners. Sushi Airways is rather small and seats an approximate 30pax, so be sure to make your reservations to avoid disappointment.


My reservation details on a plane ticket!


Sushi bar where the chefs work their magic.


This leads to the toilet. See the alcoholic like bottles? They have much more than that, so I reckon it would be a good place to drink you’re sake and enjoy the food.

The section of the post we have all been waiting for!


Lobster mango roll ($30)

This was the star of our dinner. You must try this!!! Contrary to what I had expected, the lobster salad came in chunks of juicy lobster meat. As for the mango, it was sweet and generous! I swear upon my taste buds, even the picture in the menu wasn’t as great as the real thing. You’d be craving for more, and I would definitely eat this again the next time I’m back.


Aburi salmon sushi ($8)

Doesn’t this remind you of the sushi you ate in Japan? In the Singaporean context, more liao (ingredient) then rice! This, this thick but succulent piece of fish done aburi style, resting comfortably on top of your rice, is sadly, gone in a second. It melts in your mouth!


Mini California ($15)

Fresh ingredients, evenly distributed roe, everything was in balance. Perfect harmony for the taste buds. My food partner commented that she would have preferred more roe for this, but I suspect doing so might kill the texture and taste. The roe looked slightly bigger than the usual ones, yes?

My experience at Sushi Airways was sweet. Great food, attentive service. The only thing that made me slightly annoyed was when I saw my bill and a cup of green tea had set me back by $3. Bugger, but green tea is always a must when I eat my sushi! On the flip side, if it makes you any happier (sure did for me), they didn’t charge me for the 7% GST!

Address: 20A Baghdad Street
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12noon-2pm, 6pm-930pm
Contact: +65 62911151
Website: Sushi Airways
Facebook: Sushi Airways Facebook

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