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Da Paolo Pizza Bar, Holland Village


I’m always intrigued by a place with fancy pizzas.

At Da Paolo, you get fresh, topping-generous, delicious pizzas. What I liked was that they had a selection of pizza bases. Not all the pizzas came with your usual tomato basil pasta sauce, an indication that the restaurant put effort and thought into their food to create the perfect, harmonious taste.


I had the Portofino ($32), one of their speciality seafood pizzas. It has crayfish which was the highlight of the dish, and well as really juicy and yummy tomato slices that will, trust me, leave you wanting for more. At first glance you would think that the only bits of crayfish you were getting were those sprinkled sparsely on top. Mistake. Bits of crayfish are embedded within the cheese — I don’t mean a few bits, I mean the entire pizza base is covered with them!!! Shiokness!


We also tried their wrap, specifically the Wagyu wrap ($27), and boy it was a good choice. They wrapped the food before putting it on the grill, so you not only get a delicious and flavorful wrap, but an aestically pleasing one as well.

Would I come back for more? Pizza-nitely will!!

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