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Tian Tian Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre


I can see it’s appeal — why this chicken rice shop, amongst the many others at Maxwell, has two tremendoualy long queues on a Saturday afternoon.

The chicken doesn’t come doused in your usual slight salty soya sauce. Instead, it comes with a pale mustard colour slight gooey sauce, which wasn’t too salty nor plain.

I usually gauge how good a chicken rice stall is by looking at the consistency of their dark soya sauce. I believe that stall owners who believe in using the finest ingredients, down to their condiments, says a lot about their quality. Boy this was good. Not only their dark soya sauce, but also their ginger chilli sauce. Spicy to my liking!

The only disappointment I had was the rice. Yes it was fragrant, but it was a tad dry/hard. I didn’t finish my rice, sadly.

For the above (a whole chicken plus a plate of veggies), plus 4 plates of rice, I paid $32. Reasonably priced I would say.

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